Dum Aloo (Potato)

I am back with another potato preparation, what to do my love for potatoes is never ending! Dum Aloo normally you find of 3 styles in India, Kashmiri dum aloo, Punjabi Dum aloo and Banarasi Dum aloo. This particular preparation that I have made is Punjabi Dum aloo, smooth rich gravy with fried baby potatoes, it is a delightful dish.

I have made it with Baby potatoes, in case you would like you can use normal potatoes boiled and cut in half and then fried

Gajar ka Halwa (Sweet Carrots preparation)

Gajar ka Halwa is one of those food that always makes me nostalgic. It is a winter food, every year as a child we would wait for winters to come so that mom will make gajar halwa, and making of gajar halwa was a big work, whole family used to sit around peeling and grating carrots, then mom taking hours to prepare it in kitchen. But the result was always worth the work!

These days the preparation time has come down given the exclusion of manual grating of carrots, else given the kind of lifestyles we live , we would hardly get time to make such delicacies coming down from generations.

Dal Makhni

Whenever we go out to eat or order in Indian food the first choice my husband always make is Dal Makhni, I sometimes get really irritated by his habit but he cant help he is totally in love with it after all it is a Dal like no other, Creamy texture , Full of aroma and every bite very very satisfying!

Given his eternal love affair with Dal makhni, we have sampled dal makhni of all the countries and cities we have been to and can give a real good guidance to anyone where NOT to eat it!