Thai Peanut Noodles

Thai food, my love affair with Thai began when I moved to Singapore. Twice a week I would eat thai food for my lunch. It is a complete sensation of a meal, it has crunch, spice, sweet, savory and sour in every bite, making it moreish and oh so amazing. I made these noodles sometime…

Tangy Noodles

I have always been in love with Thai food, the flavors, the heat , every bite gives you a different experience altogether. My love with Thai food was strengthened during my stay in Singapore and my travels to Thailand. My husband on the other hand doesn’t like to eat spicy food and is not very adventurous in trying new cuisines.

During our visit to Thailand, I knew this was the time to introduce the world of Thai food to him. We were in Phuket and were riding a really cool scooty finding our way to the Big Buddha statue we could see from near our hotel. So, we set out to the chase and in an hour’s time we were there, while coming back we found this really quaint place on the hillside, where a small boy was sitting (and taking orders) and a woman , his mother was the one cooking.

Thai Red Curry

Thai food is a perfect combination of exotic fragrant ingredients and spices wonderfully balanced to give your palate a unique experience.

During my stay in Singapore, I got an opportunity to try authentic Thai food and it was the start of our love affair which only got stronger with my visit to the “Land of smiles”, yes that is what Thailand is called, again if you have such beauty around and this wonderful food to eat who wouldn’t smile!!

This curry is the vegetarian version using everyday vegetables in a spicy red curry balanced beautifully by coconut milk.