Cream of Mushroom One-pot Pasta

I love cooking food from scratch, there is a sense of completion, a sense of accomplishment that I get, along with off course, a really yummy meal. But sometimes we all are really short on time or just plain lazy and need a meal which is wonderful but doesn’t take much time to get ready….

Cheese Skillet Pasta

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta”

Pasta has to be one of the widely accepted international food and a comfort food for so many including me. I love pasta eating and making both, normally I like making my own pasta from scratch (Recipe of a separate post). This recipe uses store brought pasta from those quick weekdays dinner!

Fresh Handmade Fettuccine (Hand rolled)

I love food that is fresh and simple , there is something truly magical in every bite of handmade pasta!

While watching Masterchef one day the idea struck to me to try making pasta at home, though the idea of making pasta at home that too hand rolled (Since I do not have pasta maker at home) pasta is quite intimidating as it involves lot of intricacies.