Dum Aloo (Potato)

I am back with another potato preparation, what to do my love for potatoes is never ending! Dum Aloo normally you find of 3 styles in India, Kashmiri dum aloo, Punjabi Dum aloo and Banarasi Dum aloo. This particular preparation that I have made is Punjabi Dum aloo, smooth rich gravy with fried baby potatoes, it is a delightful dish.

I have made it with Baby potatoes, in case you would like you can use normal potatoes boiled and cut in half and then fried

Spicy Potato Curry

Potatoes are my absolute favorite, they are versatile and staple is almost every kitchen. This curry is my go-to recipe for a quick spicy homely food. This recipe is spicy and tangy, the tomatoes add a great flavor to this recipe.

Lets get started, this recipe serves 2-3

Masala Aloo (Sukhi Aloo Sabji)

I don’t think I say it enough but I Love Potato, I mean I absolutely love them! They are so versatile, filling and makes up so many tasty dishes.

This is one such quick recipe of the humble potato

Masala Arbi (Tangy Colocasia roots)

I Love arbi, love all the styles it is made in dahi wali arbi, dry arbi with onions , masala arbi.. the list of its yummy preparations can go on!

This recipe is for Masala arbi, very simple and easy to follow

This serves 2-3 people as a side

Thai Red Curry

Thai food is a perfect combination of exotic fragrant ingredients and spices wonderfully balanced to give your palate a unique experience.

During my stay in Singapore, I got an opportunity to try authentic Thai food and it was the start of our love affair which only got stronger with my visit to the “Land of smiles”, yes that is what Thailand is called, again if you have such beauty around and this wonderful food to eat who wouldn’t smile!!

This curry is the vegetarian version using everyday vegetables in a spicy red curry balanced beautifully by coconut milk.

Spinach Beetroot Kofta Curry

Spinach and Beetroot both known for their health benefits along with health they add beautiful contrasting colors to your plate. In this recipe I have tried to combine these 2 colors and create a healthy and nutritious curry, as healthy food can be tasty as well.

This is a healthy version so no cream or butter is added, if you want you can finish gravy with cream

Kadhai Aloo (Spiced Potato Curry)

This potato curry is one of the simplest recipe, it is inspired from Kadhai Paneer a traditional curry made of Paneer (Cottage cheese) and capsicum.

So here we go for a quick and tasty curry made of simple and fresh ingredients

Beetroot Raita (Yogurt Side dish)

Beetroot, the name instantly brings alive wonderful colors to your mind. Beets not only add color to your plate but are very healthy and nutritious.

I like eating healthy and cooking with simple ingredients and this is one such dish. Made with Beetroot and Yogurt this dish not only is very healthy but also very beautiful , you can make this to impress guests coming over and can leave them wanting more of that beautiful pink bowl!