Mutton Haleem

Haleem is one of the popular dishes middle east and India. During the month of ramdan, you can find it available very easily across India. My husband loves eating haleem and me being a vegetarian have always heard him going on and on about how tasty it is.

This time I thought to give him a surprise, so I got everything I needed to make haleem and started my preparations as this is a slow-cooking wonder. It takes 4-5 hours of slow cooking and stirring (regular) that gives it the consistency that it has.

Masala Dosa (Crispy crepe of Dal and rice fermented batter)

Dosa can easily be called Indian version of crispy, savory crepe. I absolutely love dosa and have a craving to dig into a hot, crispy dosa with piping hot sambhar. Making dosa at home always sounded to me like a lot of work and hence I always preferred eating out, but this time I thought to give it a try at home with homemade batter and the result was satisfying plate of homemade dosa which everyone absolutely loved.

Paneer Tikka Masala

I am not a big Paneer ( Cottage cheese) fan, whenever we go out at a restaurant I am the one always eating more gravy than Paneer. However, here in India Paneer is a crowd pleasure for sure and is a source of good protein as well, paneer has its presence in every household, you can find paneer paratha in breakfast, paneer kofta’s and gravies for lunch or dinner and even you can make some mouth watering desserts from it, so versatile it is.

This is a little lengthy recipe to make but the little charred taste that tikka brings really brightens up the gravy.

Jeera Aloo (Cumin Potatoes)

This is one curry you will find in every Indian restaurants, each has their own variations but more or less flavor of cumin is the hero of this preparation.

This is my version of Jeera Aloo and my husband absolutely loves this. I made it this week and served with Ajwain- Dill paratha and Paneer Tikka Masala (Recipe coming up soon)

So let’s get started

Vegetable Biryani (Pressure cooker version)

We celebrated our new year with a BBQ party , I being a vegetarian was incharge of preparing all the veg’s for BBQ and that I did, baby potatoes, mushrooms, babycorn, tomatoes, cauliflower i marinated them all preparing for my guests. At last minute few of my guests had a change of plan and as a result I was left with bowl full of marinated vegetables figuring out what to do.

Gajar ka Halwa (Sweet Carrots preparation)

Gajar ka Halwa is one of those food that always makes me nostalgic. It is a winter food, every year as a child we would wait for winters to come so that mom will make gajar halwa, and making of gajar halwa was a big work, whole family used to sit around peeling and grating carrots, then mom taking hours to prepare it in kitchen. But the result was always worth the work!

These days the preparation time has come down given the exclusion of manual grating of carrots, else given the kind of lifestyles we live , we would hardly get time to make such delicacies coming down from generations.

Bread Roll

Last week I was alone at home as my Husband travels a lot, so I am quite used to the idea of “Cooking for one”. I finished my dinner and everything and read a book then started watching (Binge watching) something on TV as was up real late and my Midnight cravings kicked in.

I went back to kitchen saw a couple of boiled potatoes and half a loaf of garlic bread, and the idea came to me to try making a bread roll out of the garlic bread. I normally make it with the white sliced bread. To make this I cut the loaf horizontally into 4 strips and rolled potatoes inside to make a quick snack for me. It was all done in under 20 Min, so here it goes

Spicy Potato Curry

Potatoes are my absolute favorite, they are versatile and staple is almost every kitchen. This curry is my go-to recipe for a quick spicy homely food. This recipe is spicy and tangy, the tomatoes add a great flavor to this recipe.

Lets get started, this recipe serves 2-3

Beetroot Carrot Kofta in Spinach Gravy

Me and my husband completed our 5 years of marital bliss, I love him totes and enjoy cooking for him. We were swarmed by work so just decided a quiet dinner out and a movie, somehow lunch time we both ended up at home and how could I not make something special for him and thats when I came up with this curry under 30 Min.

Masala Aloo (Sukhi Aloo Sabji)

I don’t think I say it enough but I Love Potato, I mean I absolutely love them! They are so versatile, filling and makes up so many tasty dishes.

This is one such quick recipe of the humble potato

Peanuts Ladoo

Peanuts or groundnuts or moongfali is a versatile seed that has its presence all over the world it is used in curries, makes a wonderful spicy sauce for stir fry , peanut butter to make bread more interesting or it is a snack on its own.

This is a very simple recipe that is close to my childhood , In India peanuts is one of the acceptable food for fasting days so whenever there were days for fasting this amazing peanut ladoo’s were made and as a child I just couldn’t get enough of them.

Masala Arbi (Tangy Colocasia roots)

I Love arbi, love all the styles it is made in dahi wali arbi, dry arbi with onions , masala arbi.. the list of its yummy preparations can go on!

This recipe is for Masala arbi, very simple and easy to follow

This serves 2-3 people as a side