Food, the basic necessity for living. But it is much more than that, food has the power to engulf us in nostalgia to take a trip down memory lane, to provide us comfort when we feel things aren’t how we like them. It can be fancy and give you an experience that you can cherish…

Pulled Jack fruit Sandwich

Jackfruit, I have always dreaded it, since my childhood. Never liked or always avoided anything that has jackfruit in it. However, a couple of years back, I came across a basic stir-fry of jackfruit and onion spiced with Cumin, and I realized the great taste Jackfruit can bring to the plate and that started a…

Bread Roll

Last week I was alone at home as my Husband travels a lot, so I am quite used to the idea of “Cooking for one”. I finished my dinner and everything and read a book then started watching (Binge watching) something on TV as was up real late and my Midnight cravings kicked in.

I went back to kitchen saw a couple of boiled potatoes and half a loaf of garlic bread, and the idea came to me to try making a bread roll out of the garlic bread. I normally make it with the white sliced bread. To make this I cut the loaf horizontally into 4 strips and rolled potatoes inside to make a quick snack for me. It was all done in under 20 Min, so here it goes