Rajasthani Gatte ki Sabji

There is a comfort hidden in the traditional food, they have a power to transform a normal day into a celebration. This is one such recipe, this always takes me back to ‘home, to my mom’s cooking. And I can proudly claim, that no one can make “gatte ki sabji” better than my mom, but…

Quinoa Rawa Uttapam

I love Uttapam, there I said it. Just a plain uttapam made with butter, I can gulp it down without feeling the need of any chutney or sambhar to go with it. I make dosa or uttapam once a week, this time I thought to get a little creative with it. Instead of the original…

Masala Aloo – Spiced Potato

We will all remember year 2020 as the COVID19 year, the year that made us feel we live in an ordinary world which is vulnerable and where even the powerful can be brought to knees by an invisible threat. Ensuring that we save our world and go on about our life, the whole world is…


Food, the basic necessity for living. But it is much more than that, food has the power to engulf us in nostalgia to take a trip down memory lane, to provide us comfort when we feel things aren’t how we like them. It can be fancy and give you an experience that you can cherish…

Dum Aloo (Potato)

I am back with another potato preparation, what to do my love for potatoes is never ending! Dum Aloo normally you find of 3 styles in India, Kashmiri dum aloo, Punjabi Dum aloo and Banarasi Dum aloo. This particular preparation that I have made is Punjabi Dum aloo, smooth rich gravy with fried baby potatoes, it is a delightful dish.

I have made it with Baby potatoes, in case you would like you can use normal potatoes boiled and cut in half and then fried

Mix veg with Cilantro

Whenever I can’t decide what to cook for dinner, I take out one of each veggie from my fridge and make a mix veg. This time when I was making mix-veg I decided to give it a little green twist and added Cilantro puree to the vegetables while cooking. It not only gave a beautiful colour to my dish but also a wonderful aroma. In case you are not a big fan of cilantro you can totally skip that, it will still turn out to be equally good minus the green colour and aroma of cilantro

Aloo Gobhi (Potato and cauliflower stir fry )

Who doesn’t love aloo gobhi, me and my husband are a big fan and hence it is a common dish in our kitchen. I make it in various ways, this is on of the recipe that I follow, will soon share one more elaborate version.

Gur Papadi (Jaggery bars )

Gur Papdi, Just the name of it makes me nostalgic, takes me back to my nani’s house. She introduced this amazing sweet to us, and I think my emotional bond with this particular sweet is what makes it so special for me. Whenever we used to visit her she used to make this along with so many other wonderful food and snacks. I miss those days so much, wrapped in the warmth of love and such amazing food. I think I should pay a visit to her soon

Medu Vada (Fried crispy Lentil Dumpling)

Medu Vada are my husband’s absolute favorite, given a choice he can have them daily. Infact, during our stay in Singapore for 3 years he did ate them daily as breakfast right after an hour of gym (He earned his fried food I would say)

Since the way to heart is through stomach, although I already have his heart I still now and then surprise him with his favorite food to reiterate my position.

Dal Bukhara (Slow Cooked Whole Urad Dal)

Urad dal (Black Gram) has it’s strong presence in each and every restaurant that serves Indian food in form of Dal Makhani, a slow cooked dal cooked with cream and butter flavored mildly with spices. It is smooth and creamy and heaven in every bite. Dal Bukhara on the other hand is another preparation of the same dal but difference in the spices and way it is prepared.

Coconut Barfi (Quick coconut bars)

I love sweets, one of my weakness. I need to eat something sweet after every meal I have and my cravings sometimes get very specific, and till the time I don’t eat what I crave it just won’t go away. My husband every-time on hearing “You know what I feel like eating” starts shaking his head saying “here we go again”

So yesterday I had a craving of eating something sweet with coconut in it, a coconut barfi or a coconut ladoo.Since it was late so I looked in the kitchen I had some dessicated coconut, condensed milk and which was perfect to make this amazing 20 Min 5 ingredients coconut barfi.