Food, the basic necessity for living. But it is much more than that, food has the power to engulf us in nostalgia to take a trip down memory lane, to provide us comfort when we feel things aren’t how we like them. It can be fancy and give you an experience that you can cherish for a long time, or it can be as basic as a bowl of Khichdi or Pasta to provide you that warm hug when you need.

Food is rooted deep in tradition and it provides us comfort and we can all use a bit of comfort at times like these when the whole world is under lock-down. Our realities are getting altered and our new normal isn’t that normal. So here is my series of traditional Indian cooking your way to remind us all that a little tradition is something we all need.

The first in the series is Namak Pare, fried snack with salt and carom seeds, very easy to make and a delicious quick snack you can store and enjoy.


Maida (All purpose flour)- 500 Gms

Oil- 4 Spoons to add in flour- rest for frying

Salt- As per taste

Carom Seeds-1.5 –  2 table spoons

Water- As needed


  1. Take Flour in a big bowl and add salt and carom seeds, mix all the dry ingredients well
  2. Add 4 Spoon of oils and mix well till it looks like below consistency

after oil

3.When you make a bowl of the flour mix, it should loosely hold

The ball

4.Now add water and work your dough, should be like you make for pasta

ready aata

5.Let it rest for sometime covered

6.Now, work the dough so its smooth and bouncy

7.Divide the dough in 4 equal portions

8.Start rolling out one portion at a time into a big round disk


9.Once its thin, cut into small pieces like below


10.Put oil in a deep pan on gas for frying

11. When hot, start frying your namakpare till they are golden


12. Enjoy the golden crisps and store them away in dry, clean, airtight container



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