Aloo Gobhi (Potato and cauliflower stir fry )

Who doesn’t love aloo gobhi, me and my husband are a big fan and hence it is a common dish in our kitchen. I make it in various ways, this is on of the recipe that I follow, will soon share one more elaborate version.

So here it goes a simple Aloo gobhi recipe

This recipe serves 2-3


  • Aloo- 2-3 Cut
  • Gobhi (cauliflower)- 1.5 cup of florets removed and Boiled for 5 min
  • Tomato- 1 Big- Finely Chopped
  • Onion- 1 Big- Finely chopped
  • Garlic- 2-3 cloves- minced
  • Green Chilli- 1-2 Depending on your spiciness level
  • Ginger- 1 Big knob Half finely chopped and half Julienne
  • Coriander spring – 1
  • Oil- 2-3 Spoons
  • Cumin seeds 1 Spoon
  • Asafoetida (Hing)- a pinch (Optional)
  • Salt- As per taste
  • Red Chili Powder Half Spoon
  • Turmeric Powder 1/4 Spoon
  • Dry mango Powder Half spoon (Or lemon juice)
  • Garam masala (Optional)- 1/4 Spoon


  1. Heat oil in the pan, add cumin seeds when they start turning brown add asafoetida and green chili and fine chopped ginger and let them roast a little on low flame
  2. Now add onion and garlic and let them cook till translucent
  3. Add tomatoes and all the spices except Dry Mango powder and garam masala and give a good mix
  4. Cook till tomatoes are mushy (Press them while cooking from back of your spoon)
  5. Add in potatoes and Cauliflower and give it a good mix.
  6. Cover and let them cook till gobhi and potatoes are tender and done. Keep stirring in between to check they are not sticking to the Pan (If they stick add little water in the pan)
  7. Add Garam Masala and Dry Mango powder and keep it on gas for another 2 minutes
  8. Garnish with coriander and serve hot with paratha, chapati or rice



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