Dal Makhni

Whenever we go out to eat or order in Indian food the first choice my husband always make is Dal Makhni, I sometimes get really irritated by his habit but he cant help he is totally in love with it after all it is a Dal like no other, Creamy texture , Full of aroma and every bite very very satisfying!

Given his eternal love affair with Dal makhni, we have sampled dal makhni of all the countries and cities we have been to and can give a real good guidance to anyone where NOT to eat it!

Beetroot Raita (Yogurt Side dish)

Beetroot, the name instantly brings alive wonderful colors to your mind. Beets not only add color to your plate but are very healthy and nutritious.

I like eating healthy and cooking with simple ingredients and this is one such dish. Made with Beetroot and Yogurt this dish not only is very healthy but also very beautiful , you can make this to impress guests coming over and can leave them wanting more of that beautiful pink bowl!

Cheese Skillet Pasta

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta”

Pasta has to be one of the widely accepted international food and a comfort food for so many including me. I love pasta eating and making both, normally I like making my own pasta from scratch (Recipe of a separate post). This recipe uses store brought pasta from those quick weekdays dinner!

Egg Curry

Eggs, who doesn’t love eggs! They make a wonderful, energetic , protein rich breakfast amd can also be transformed into a hearty dinner as well as a delicate dessert.

Here I have a egg curry inspired from Shakshuka (A hearty Mediterranean dish of egg). It can make up for a hearty curry to pair up with your chapati for lunch or dinner or a Sunday brunch with a nice bread.

Rajma Masala

There is something truly magical about a Home-cooked Meal as it is said

“Happiness is Home Cooked”

One of my favorite home-cooked meal is Rajma masala, served with rice , Green chutney and dollops of Ghee, a heavenly meal satisfying not only hunger pangs but fit to satisfy your soul.

Green Chutney

We all have those days when we want a bit of tangyness and spicyness to our food , for me a good Homemade Chutney always comes to rescue.

Chutney is something that can add a ting of Spicyness and freshness to your food. It can be paired with any kind of food you would want to , its a wonderful dip for Chips, nachos and an awesome sauce for sandwich or wraps or a tasty side dish with aloo paratha or khichdi, the variations to use this versatile food is endless!

Butter Potato Curry

This curry combines two of my most favorite ingredients butter and potato into a rich gravy that has all the elements of a wonderfully sinful curry!

Lets me take you to my kitchen and share my recipe of a thick creamy quick curry to satisfy your craving!

Kofta Curry

There is nothing more satisfying that digging into a rich , creamy , tangy Indian curry. I am totally a “curryholic” (If thats a word!!) After every couple of days I crave for a nice gravy with my chapati, but making a curry is one tedious task, so here is my quick and easy version of Kofta curry and it is Finger licking good!!

Fresh Handmade Fettuccine (Hand rolled)

I love food that is fresh and simple , there is something truly magical in every bite of handmade pasta!

While watching Masterchef one day the idea struck to me to try making pasta at home, though the idea of making pasta at home that too hand rolled (Since I do not have pasta maker at home) pasta is quite intimidating as it involves lot of intricacies.